Finance technologist talks leaving high flying career in banking for bigger challenges and abilities to change the world in the blockchain space

How did you get into blockchain? 

- As a technologist I've been aware of blockchain for many years but it wasn’t until i was asked by a CTO of an autonomous self-drive start-up to advise them on their blockchain strategy in 2017 that i became fully involved in this space and i haven’t looked back since.  

What were you doing before? 

I have spent most of my career designing global trading and regulatory systems in defence and in the the financial services sector, specifically for investments banks and tech start-ups.

You had a good career in banking / tech- why did you decide to go into building your own blockchains? 

I am a technologist at heart and believe that technology can change the world, and blockchain is the most exciting new technology since the beginning of the internet. With blockchain we are able to build new solutions across the financial services and supply chain sectors that aren’t possible with other current technologies.

What is most exciting for you about the crypto/ blockchain space?

There are two things that really excite me: 

1) The potential for how these technologies will change our society. We are only at the beginning of this journey and these technologies will continue to evolve in ways that we haven’t even thought about today, that is incredibly exciting.

2) The people. The blockchain community is amazing, its full of people with fantastic ideas, great energy and an underlying ethos to improve society ahead of just making profit. 

What changes do you envisage happening regarding blockchain adoption?

As blockchain matures it will naturally gain greater adoption over time but there is a problem today of how crypto and blockchain are perceived in the mainstream industries. The benefits and opportunities of these new technologies are not well understood by the mainstream industries and we all need to do a much better job of communicating and educating people outside of the blockchain if want to see quicker and greater adoption of these wonderful technologies.

Has your finance background made you more, or less sceptical?

I don’t think finance has made me more or less sceptical but it has certainly made me much more aware and quickly able to spot if a company will succeed or fail. It’s a bit of a cliche but it’s also very true, that a company’s success is nearly always down to the people it hires and their ability to execute, even the best product in the world needs a good team behind it.

What are you most excited by in the space?

The future and the ideas that are still to come.

Have you seen any changes in how banks/ institutions are reacting to blockchain?

The finance industry is definitely sitting up and taking notice of blockchain and nearly all of the large financial institutions are building and testing blockchains solutions.  Crypto and blockchain are evolving very quickly and companies across the financial services industry are worried about being left behind and missing out on new opportunities .

What benefits have you got out of coming to the Curry Club?

The Crypto Curry Club has been great for meeting senior, future thinking crypto and blockchain people 

What do you see as being next in the crypto space?

Its early days but STOs will be the next big thing in 2019. 

Erica Stanford