Headquartered and registered in the UK, EXMO has been on the market since 2014. EXMO is a perfect bridge between the fiat and crypto worlds, as it has 1.8M traders, more than 200 trading pairs, 7 fiat currencies, EUR SEPA, EUR/USD SWIFT, credit/debit cards (48 currencies), local UK payments (CHAPS, BACS). According to Coinmarketcap's latest rating, EXMO is a top-25 exchange in the world. EXMO is ready to offer you super low trading commissions including rebates, and a great OTC desk with no limits in terms of the volume. We can find the best program that fits your trading.

  • Meet the Co-founder, Ivan Petuhovskii

    One of the first businessmen in the world who believed in cryptocurrencies and the cryptoeconomy. 
    The founder of 15 enterprises, the projects include:
    • construction
    • education
    • insurance
    • tourism
    • fintech
    • biotech 

    Ivan manages a distributed team in 10 countries around the world. His main area of expertise is the implementation of the legal framework for the digital economy. A key and successful fintech project is the EXMO cryptocurrency platform, which Ivan with his partner launched in 2014 from scratch. 



  • EXMO products

    • Funding
    • Trade
    • Cashback
    • Referral Program
    • EXMO Turkey
    • VIP-clients
    • OTC-Trading
    • EXMO Coin
    • Voting


    For more information, visit www.exmo.com