Subject Matter Experts Wanted in #WealthTech, #CryptoEthics, #OpenBanking

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Great learning experiences stem out of hearing it straight from the people who know it best Subject Matter Experts.

And no, we’re not talking about some ‘information’ you see online every now and then and on any platform. The knowledge base that subject matter experts have are built by years on end of experience.

Crypto Curry Club’s network of over 30,000+ advanced crypto, blockchain, AI practitioners encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration that contributes to their domain expertise. We have a few themes upcoming - and we are after experienced subject matter experts with a clear POV and/or use case to share.

Is this you?

If it is, and you feel confident that you bring a clear POV and/or an obvious use case, and can think in terms of learner centricity, we would like to invite you to register your interest here - (takes approx 2 minutes to register your expertise).

We have a wide list of themes we’re recruiting for; themes we are prioritising, include:

  • WealthTech

  • OpenBanking

  • CryptoEthics

  • CryptoRegs

How this process works:

Once you register, a discovery call will be set up for you and Shannon Eastman to connect over zoom and tease out topics, logistics and answer any questions.

Please find/add Shannon Eastman on LinkedIn before your discovery call.

Your recorded appearance is usually scheduled 1 to 2 weeks out from the discovery call.

Your guest appearance will almost always be video based, 30-minutes up to 1-hour, and produced media will include your personal brand assets, links, headshot.

Produced Media is shared across the wider Crypto Curry Club community.

Helpful to know logistics:

  1. A Microphone is required

  2. Please be in a quiet place where you do not expect to be interrupted when doing the recording.

  3. Good lighting helps us a lot

  4. Please plan to record/share from a laptop or widescreen device (no recording from your mobile phone please)

Register as a subject matter expert here >

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