Autonomous Aircraft — Drone Taxis, Drone Food Deliveries, Zero-Carbon Aviation. What Is Possible?

  • When will we have autonomous drone taxis?

  • Do they already work now?

  • What's stopping their adoption?

  • Will we ever have drones deliver us food to the park?

  • How can we have more sustainable air transport?

  • What's next?

  • What is an Octocopter and when can we go in one?

Answer- sooner than we might have thought!

In this Tech for Sustainability live chat we are joined by Jeff Ehret, Staff Business Development Manager for Moog Inc’s Aircraft Group Innovation Team. Moog, with a revenue of $2.9B and 13,000 employees, is a developer and supplier of flight critical control systems on commercial and military aircraft as well as space vehicles, weapon systems and industrial applications.


Meet Jeff Ehret:

Jeff manages a Moog Joint Venture with the Workhorse Group to develop a small drone focused on last mile delivery of packages and other small cargo. This drone system has made hundreds of demonstration delivery flights.

Jeff’s focus area is on emerging technologies and applications predominantly in the unmanned / autonomous aircraft space….everything from small drones to human carrying “air taxis” in the growing Urban Air Mobility sector.

Connect with Jeff:


Visit Moog Inc.:


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